Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Viking Helmet: Part 2. The Pattern

Happy Hunger Games Opening Weekend!I hope some of you were as excited as I was. I had a ticket for the 12:01am showing and I did not regret that decision. What an excellent film version of a thrilling story.

In the spirit of warriors and survival, I'm going to attempt to share my viking hat pattern, which I originally blogged about here.

I've never written a pattern for others before, so please let me know if you have any issues with it and I'll try to correct the pattern.

Note: I will not be including the pattern for the horns. I used Mamachee's crochet pattern, which is available here: Lael Viking Hat

SIZEI didn't measure it, but it fit my average adult woman sized head fairly snugly. It fit a small adult sized head perfectly.

[MC]: Red Heart Light Gray Heather (Approx. 256yd/140g), less than 1 skein used
[CC]: Red Heart White (Approx. 256yd/140g), only a few yards used (horns)
US #7/4.5mm circular needles or dpns
Blunt tapestry needle
(whatever else is needed for the horn of your choice)

20 sts/24 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch

PATTERN NOTESLong tail cast-on demo can be found HERE.
Bobble demo can be found HERE.
I use basic knitting abbreviations, has a list HERE.
K2tbl = ktbl twice. NOT K2togtbl.


Using the long tail method, cast on 96 sts, pm and join.

Round 1: *K2, P2, repeat from * to end of round.
Rounds 2-3: Repeat round 1.
Round 4, Bobble Row: K2, *P2, K2, P2, make bobble, K1, repeat from * to end of round. Total of 12 bobbles.
Rounds 5-8: Repeat round 1.

Round 9: *k2tbl, (should match with K2 in ribbing), P22, repeat from * to end of round.
Repeat this round until hat measures 4" from cast-on edge.
(In the event you ever get off with the pattern, just remember that the k2tbl creates the ridges up the hat and are right on top of each other.)

CROWN (I'm just going to pick up numbering here even though this IS NOT the round immediately following round 9.)
Round 10: K2, *P to the st right before K st, K2tog, ssk, repeat from * to end of round.
Round 11: Ktbl of the K sts, P the P sts.
Repeat these last two rounds until only 8 sts remain.
Cut yarn, draw through the last 8 sts and fasten off.

At this point your hat is done and just needs some horns... or not.
I included the link to Mamachee's etsy page for her horns, the ones I used. I think they're perfect. I tried several times to create a knitted version and just couldn't get the same effect.

If you make a hat using this pattern, I'd love to see a picture of it!
You have permission to make and sell the finished hat but please don't pass the pattern off as your own.


  1. Do you have the crochet pattern for this?

    1. I don't have the crochet pattern for this hat. It was originally crocheted here:

  2. I am having a problem w/ this hat pattern.
    I am in the body of the hat and am decreasing w/ every round as I do the k2tbl. The knit row is spiralling like a barber pole.
    What am I doing wrong?

    1. I just started this pattern and was reading over everything before I started to see if there was anything I needed to look up. So there is a difference between k2tbl and k2tog tbl. The latter causes you to drop stitches. This pattern calls for knitting two stitches consecutively through the back loop. This results in the ridges going up the hat. When you get to the crown of the hat, the ssk is responsible for the decreases. Here's a video of what I mean:
      I think this is correct... hope this helps!

  3. Just want to make sure. In round 10, are they regular knit stitches or tbl like the previous rounds?

  4. I've found a big problem with the pattern for the top of the hat... The ribbing and body look GREAT by the way. So, I blindly followed your pattern, performing the decreases every other round. I'm using DPN needles so I had 24 stitches on each of four needles. By the time I realized something was awry, I had 8 stitches left on three needles and... 24 left on the forth one! Your pattern does not say to decrease on the first needle; it only says to K2. This resulted in a nice looking hat 3/4 of the way around, and one large quarter section. I'm sure this was the result of a type-o. Would you mind fixing this, or letting me know if I'm interpreting your pattern incorrectly? The hat will look great when it's done, I'm just not sure how to keep up the symmetry of the ktbls with the decreases. Thank you!